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Our public domain website provides free predictions and live betting tips for sporting events based on the analysis of betting lines, the study of statistics, market analysis and the behavior of the betting office.

Our team is composed of professional sports analysts, programmers and statisticians. We use original software that allows for daily detection of odds in the betting lines and our finding of inflated odds for events that we have put through statistical analysis.

In this way, the use of our information – including live betting predictions for popular sports such as football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, tennis and many others – will help you make money on your bets. Moreover, today it is becoming more difficult to make money this way, given the abilities and technical capabilities of bookmakers; and without certain tools it is almost impossible for the average person to stay in the black over the long-term. The goal of our experts is to provide the most accurate forecasts so that our users do not “go into the negative.” But when working with probabilistic events, one should always consider possible drawbacks. In order to minimize drawbacks, it is necessary to follow some game rules with the Betting Office. For example, the use of a fixed flat of 5-10% of the jackpot. This will significantly reduce risks and prevent zero bankroll.

Our prediction information covers a wide range of sporting events. In addition to key championships, tournaments, cups, we also pay attention to less popular competitions, such as the Italian Serie B, the Spanish Segunda, the Lower English leagues. With us you will always find forecasts for the upcoming tours and matches for many so-called small markets.

All the more, bookmakers are often poorly versed in these smaller markets and do not always adequately evaluate the odds, which gives you an advantage over the betting office and the possibility of making more profit than if betting on the top championships.

It is worth noting that the betting odds provided in our betting predictions are approximate – they are set based on an analysis of the odds in various betting offices. Accordingly, it is necessary to compare the value of the coefficients in your Betting Office and our indicators. You should not bet on our forecasts if the coefficient relating to it at your betting office differs by more than 10%.

Our site is designed for both beginner players and more experienced ones. The information we provide is unique, but at the same time – universally applicable and free. This helps us realize the goal of this project – to make the betting market more open and transparent. Feedback about our work can be found in the form of positive reviews from beta-testing of our platform. In the future, we plan to open a live line forecasts section, online consulting, as well as a paywall forecasts section with the better results.